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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Room Spray

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Room Spray

The Shed Collection

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 Beautifully presented in a 100ml amber bottle with black spray head & clear lid you can carry this room spray with you to always have your favourite Ruby, Ruby, Ruby fragrance at hand making wherever you are smell like home.  The heady vibrant blend of ruby red Lingonberries, raspberries, blueberries & tart cassis interwoven with a citrus blast of sweet orange, bergamot and aldehydic top notes fill the air with all the fragrances of late summer in a quintessential English fruit garden. The creamy base of vanilla adds a comforting warmth to every spritz.



CLP Information

Keep out of reach of children. Contains 4-tert-Butylcyclohexyl acetate, Ethyl methylphenylglycidate, Linalool. May produce an allergic reaction.

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